I'm all about
those ems and ens.

I'm Jade Macfarlane.

Glasweigan and proud, I'm an award-winning Senior Designer working at MadeBrave. Clients I've worked with there include Vango, Equi's Ice Cream, Vets Now, Pedal for Scotland and Kiltwalk, to name just a few.

On a project-by-project basis, I also work as a freelance designer. My own clients include Wizard of Paws and The Original Goodfillas Company

My website is a work in progress, but here's a quick rundown of what I can do.

My skills are branding, packaging design, retouching, illustration, typography, design for social, digital design and Mailchimp (I love Mailchimp).

Fancy a wee chat?

Get in touch via jade@iambiko.com